Stall Plan

Mr. Priyantha Perera

Mr. Priyal Wijegunawardena
Chairman Organizing Committee - Construct Exhibition 2011


Chairman's Message

I am privileged and honoured to pen this message to the publications produced in connection with the mega event of the National Construction Association of Sri Lanka, the "Construct 2011". Being the premier organization in the field of construction, we have inherited the legacy of vast experience in different aspects of the industry. Learning through experience during the last 10 years or so we were able to reshape and remodel the construct exhibition to meet the aspirations of thousands of viewers longing to see our latest attempt in the construct 2011 Exhibition. The fact that more than 60% of the exhibitors stalls were booked on the first day of the launch of the exhibition, amply demonstrates the popularity and the usefulness of this mega event. In order to cater to our esteemed customers, we had to utilize not only the inner space of the Srimavo Bandaranaike Exhibition Centre but also every inch of the outer space around the exhibition Centre. We are mindful about the expectations of the exhibitors as well as the viewers and took all possible measures to make it a comprehensive event, where people could obtain new knowledge, new exposure, establish contacts and satisfy construction needs under one roof. Organizing a mega event of this nature is a herculean task where listing of details, timing, planning etc. are involved. Construct 2011 Exhibition Organizing Committee is comprised of well experienced and seasoned members who are ably supported by the Secretariat staff. One of the new additions to the exhibition this year, is the establishment of a Constructors Pavilion, where the cross section of the proven construction companies are physically available within the pavilion for any interested party to establish contacts, obtain advice, clear their construction issues and enter into contract agreements. Construct 2011 which is being implemented with the support and the blessings of the public and private sectors is looking forward to the fortune of opening it to the public with the glamourous and prestigious participation of His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka, a galaxy of ministers, ambassadors and other numerous eminent participants.. We also appreciate with thank M/s. Maga Engineering (Pvt) for their magnanimous gesture of being our principal sponsor, our other sponsors and all exhibitors. If not for their contributions this mega event could not have been a success . We hope all the visitors to this great event will take away sweet memories of the event along with them. I sincerely wish the Construct 2011 all the success.

Priyantha Perera


Message from Mr. Priyal Wijegunawardena Chairman Organizing Committee - Construct Exhibition 2011

Construct  Exhibition 2011 is a momentous occasion for all those associated with the construction industry as  it draws together all in the construction family under one roof. This is our 11th consecutive  year  and it is with pride that  we announce that the Construct  Exhibition 2011 has emerged as the leader and the best platform for all construction related products and services in Sri Lanka through the years.  The exhibition in the meantime had turned out to be the most dynamic,  largest and most prestigious construction related exhibition held in Sri Lanka.  
Construct Exhibition 2011 as customary will reflect the current trends and new developments in the construction industry while efforts have been made to make this year’s theme “THE WAY FORWARD” meaningful. The cessation of hostilities and the  vast development activities  that are  taking place on a massive scale in the island has brought new challenges to the constructors and we are entrusted with  responsible roles which have made us very important partners in the island’s economy. The Construct Exhibition 2011 will provide a great opportunity  for the constructors  to learn and adopt the  latest, cost effective and alternate building  technologies which are related to the construction industry and  state of art products to be in par with any global competitors. The exposition  will also provide stakeholders of the industry to display their capacities & capabilities to their target clientele as well as facilitate linkage  amongst the stakeholders of the industry.
I am proud to state that specially this year there was tremendous enthusiasm by the stakeholders to participate at the exhibition.  As  a member of the Organizing Committee from the inception  and as the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the past three  years, I am indeed proud to state  that the Construct Exhibition 2011  over the years has grown leaps and bounds.  I only hope that the Construct Exhibition 2011 will gather more strength this year as well,   and will set new heights to be in par with the global standards.
This year we have added a new feature to the Construct Exhibition 2011 namely the “CONSTRUCTORS PAVILLION” where the strength of our constructors will be showcased.
While I extend my  sincere invitation to all interested to visit the Sri Lanka’s largest and most prestigious construction related exhibition Construct Exhibition  2011 and make use of the opportunities offered on behalf of the National Construction Association of Sri Lanka.  I wish to extend my gratitude to the,   Maga Engineering (Pvt) Ltd., Principal Sponsor, United Tractors & Equipment,  the Main Sponsor CME Show, True Value Products (Pvt) Ltd. the Main Sponsor and Hatton National Bank, the Official Banker, and all the other sponsors for placing their confidence in us and making generous contributions towards the  success of the  exhibition year after year.  If not for their support this event would not have been a success.
At this moment I would like to remember with gratitude  all the  members of the NCASL who have rendered their unstinted support and dedication  from the inception, towards bringing  this event to this great  level,  and without their collective support   I would  not have been able  to carry out this gigantic task.                           

Finally my special thanks also go to  the all sponsors, exhibitors,  media, the three Armed Forces,  Lanka Exhibition and Conference Services, Mr.  Priyantha Perera, Chairman NCASL, Board of Directors of the NCASL, the members of the Construct Exhibition 2011  Organizing Committee, staff of NCASL  and all the others who have contributed to make this event a great national event of the year.
I sincerely wish the Construct Exhibition 2011 all success.


Priyal Wijegunawardena
Director NCASL Chairman  Construct Exhibition 2011 Organizing Committee