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Kirinda Puhulwella

Rated 2.3/5

Location: Kirinda Puhulwella Matara district Southern Province

The Kirinda- Puhulwella DS Division division is one of the 16 Divisional Secretary Divisions in the Matara District. The division comprises of 25 Grama Niladari Divisions (GNDs). It covers an area of 39 sq. km and had a population of 21034 persons in 2008. (Department of census and statistics – Sri Lanka)

Topographically the landscape varies from type Agro ecologically the division belongs to agro-ecologycal zone. The average temperature is 27.2 oC. The warmest month is March and April and the coolest month is Desember and January. The average rainfall is 2775.3 mm per year.