Sri Lanka at it's Best


Rated 2.45/5

Location: best of Sri Lanka Tea Nuwara Eliya city Nuwara Eliya district Central Province

With slender fingertips, in its rather contrast swift movement that nip the youngest and the top most leaves, some say that the patience of a woman and her gentle touch is ideal for high yield plucking, because even the trees do feel the warmth of a woman... but the fact says different, where the belief bounce off when encountered with the actual reasons.

Visit the scenic hill country of Sri Lanka and a fine tea lover would be head over heels in love with the view, and a peek also is a must to the tea factory that upgrades your knowledge on the processing of fine Ceylon tea, which also grant the privilege to purchase fresh unblended estate tea at the place of origin, itself though the packaging is not the best.

It is pleasing to the eye with the wide expanse of green blanket that covers the range of mountains, and sprinkled amidst the pruned tea bushes, are the ladies clad in gay saris, who are stationed forever for centuries, replaced only by the younger generation that will continue the legacy, till their future takes over... and so on their life circle is circled among the rough bushes, until new technology focus its attention to it seriously, though the attempts made so far have been failed.

All things are said and done, I bow out while suggesting you to greet life with a cup of fine Ceylon tea, let the aroma of quality chase away the tediousness that grips you... breath life in a new taste...